The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle - One Day Flash Sale

By JJ Conway, publisher of Macaroni Kid Stephenville - Weatherford July 19, 2021

When Rebecca approached me about the Ultimate Homeschool Bundle, my first reaction was, "COVID School-from-home was ENOUGH! No thank you!"

What I was really saying was: I'm overwhelmed. I'm unprepared. I feel all alone!

At the same time... I realize that homeschooling would be SO much better for my little one, especially since I travel a lot for my business and could be both full-time mom AND full time entreprenur

Did you know that the number of parents homeschooling their kids has doubled since the pandemic! Even in areas like Stephenville and Weatherford where the schools are back in full force. 

Maybe you’re trying to decide if you should continue this path or not. Maybe you’ve learned your kids’ learning styles and realize this fits better than the mainstream choice. Or maybe you’ve just wanted to try homeschooling and you’re ready to take the leap!

Now you don't have to feel alone, overwhelmed, or unprepared!

Rebecca has curated a package of homeschooling resources to help moms like me on our homeschooling journey -- over $1,500 of quality charts, courses, ebooks, and kits offered for less than $40!

It’s called the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle. It has resources inside for homeschooling kids from preschool through high school. It includes poetry appreciation, reading, phonics, personal finance lessons, science, nature, language arts, and more! It even includes resources to support the homeschool parent (things like planners, summer survival techniques, how to encourage chores, and even how to get started with homeschooling)!

Ultimate Bundles has been creating amazing bundles for 9 years now and this is the second year this homeschooling bundle is being offered and -- I’m telling you -- their bundles continue to get better every year!

When you buy the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle, you’ll get access to:

  • 18 eCourses & videos
  • 2 eBooks
  • 28 workbooks & printable packs
  • 2 membership sites

The creators behind these resources are 50 parents and child-care professionals who’ve spent years homeschooling their own kids. They’ve had their doubts too, but they’ve learned how to keep themselves organized, how to keep plugging away when it’s hard, and how to keep the big picture in mind. They’d love to share their experiences with you.

And best of all, you can get the entire package for just $37!

If you have any questions about the bundle, let me know!

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